Internationale forflytninger

Der finder løbende internationale forflytninger sted i Frelsens Hær. De seneste forflytninger fra det internationale hovedkvarter bekendtgøres herunder af Frelsens Hærs stabschef, kommandør Lyndon Buckingham.

Forflytningerne træder i kraft til februar 2023 og kan læses (på engelsk) herunder.


It is my privilege to share with you information regarding international appointments and promotions proposed by the International Appointments Board and agreed by the General.


COMMISSIONERS ROBERT AND JANINE DONALDSON, officers of the New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory currently serving respectively Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women’s Ministries, Australia Territory are appointed as the General’s Representatives for Mission Effectiveness (Pilot).

The General has appointed Commissioners Robert and Janine Donaldson to head a pilot project out of International Headquarters. This pilot is designed to give extended coaching/mentoring support to senior leaders and their teams to assist with addressing longstanding issues preventing the territory from realising its full missional potential.

As well as coaching and mentoring, Commissioners Donaldson will assist with analysis and evaluation of systemic issues preventing the territory from reaching its missional potential and make recommendations of how best IHQ can support the territory towards longer term sustainability.

The project will focus on facilitated territories with the aim to better utilise our combined resources to ensure mission effectiveness.

The pilot project will be supervised out of the Chief of the Staff’s office and will provide updates on progress to The General’s Council.

The General is grateful to Commissioners Donaldson for their willingness to take the lead on this pilot project.

LIEUT-COLONEL MIRIAM GLUYAS, an officer of the Australia Territory currently serving as Divisional Commander in that territory is appointed as Territorial Commander, Australia Territory. She will take up her new appointment responsibilities with the rank of commissioner.

LIEUT-COLONELS IVAN AND CHRISTINE ROCK, officers of the USA Eastern Territory currently serving respectively as Assistant Chief Secretary and Assistant Personnel Secretary in that territory are appointed as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries with an additional appointment as Territorial Secretary for Officer Development and Care, USA Eastern Territory. They will take up their new appointment responsibilities with the rank of colonel.

I know you will also join me in praying God’s richest blessing upon our comrades as they prepare to assume their new appointment responsibilities.

Yours in His Service

Lyndon Buckingham
Chief of the Staff

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